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By Ayse Polat
By Ayse Polat
By Ayse Polat
By Ayse Polat
By Ayse Polat
By Ayse Polat


By Ayse Polat



Hof Intl. Film Festival (Young German Cinema Award)




An emigrated Turkish family in Germany wins together the jackpot of the lottery. While the parents immediately want to buy a hotel in Cappadocia to fulfill their dreams of returning home to Turkey, both of the two grown up sons, born in Germany, have completely different plans or none.
Particularly the youngest son, Haluk called Luk, has no clue what to do with his part of the fortune. Tacitly his parents assume that he will contribute to the acquisition of the dazzling hotel in Cappadocia. Instead of that Luk, having never concluded anything serious in his life yet, starts impulsively to reflect himself, his life and his future, resulting in the heavy futility of a variety of his plans and some kind of happy depression, caused by unexpected wealth.
To escape this dilemma Luk meets his former girl friend Gül, an occasional singer and beautiful girl, unhappy with her life. She is singing in the band of the successful musician Musti who went to school with Luk and is also his emotional competitor for the (re)conquest of Gül’s heart. Again hit by desperation after realising that he never could get Gül back by simply having won the lottery’s jackpot, he has got the idea: recording a stunning song and videoclip – starring Gül and himself.
So everything seems ready for fulfilling dreams. While Luk and his parents visit the hotel to buy on location, Luk and Gül are secretely planning and rehearsing their musical scoop in the beautiful landscapes of Cappadocia.
Luk and his family then realise quickly that these wishful plans might not work out at all. Luk's dream of success and happiness with Gül bursts like a soap bubble and the sober reality knocks him out. But finally his nightmare turns out to be a chance to stop escaping from himself, to accept reality and the fact that happiness hides somewhere else than he thought.


Born in 1970 in Malatya, the Kurdish Part of Turkey, Ayse Polat immigrated in 1978 with her family to Hamburg, Germany. She studied philosophy, cultural science and German literature at the university in Bremen and Berlin. After making numerous award-winning short films, she made her first feature film AUSLANDSTOURNEE (Tour Abroad) in 1999 which was shown on many international film festivals such as Tokyo Film Festival 2000 (in competition) and Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2000. Also her second feature film EN GARDE (2004) won international acclaim and several awards as the Silver Leopard for the best film and for best actress at the International Film Festival in Locarno 2004. LUCKS GLÜCK is Ayse Polat's third feature film.


The desire to be a lotto-millionaire is a universal dream. Also my father played the lottery for 30 years, but unfortunately never won. But Haluk and his family are lucky. With the lottery win, they start a journey to find a new, happy life... At the end Luk finds out, that happiness is nothing else, than the courageous willingness to accept himself and to love.
After two dramas LUK'S LUCK is my first comedy, where I stay faithful to my lonely and quirky characters. This time I light them from a different angle, by underlining the optimistic vitality, which you find in every drama.


Luk: René Vaziri
Gül: Aylin Tezel
Luk's mother: Sumru Yavrucuk
Cem: Kida Khodr Ramadan
Luk's father: Sinan Bengier
Murat: Serkan Kaya
Anton: Maximilian Vollmar
Musti: Atilla Öner
Nathalia: Linda Steinhoff


Director/Writer: Ayse Polat
Cinematographer: Patrick Orth
Editor: Marty Schenk
Sound: Johannes Grehl
Music: Kalan Müzik, Bonaparte
Production Design: Natascha Tagwerk
Costume Design: Monika Buttinger
Assistant Director: Annette Drees
Service Production Turkey: Anka Film
Producers: Christian Kux, Ayse Polat
Production Companies: intervista Digital Media, PunktPunktPunkt Filmproduktion


Original Title: Luks Glück / Red One / 1.85:1 / 16:9 / Colour / 91 min / Dolby SR / 35mm & HDCam SR available / German and Turkish / German and English Subtitles / Germany 2010

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