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By Fien Troch
By Fien Troch
By Fien Troch
By Fien Troch
By Fien Troch
By Fien Troch
By Fien Troch
By Fien Troch


By Fien Troch


Kid, a little boy, lives whit his mother and his slightly older brother Billy on a farm outside a small town. Since their father abandoned them a few years previously, they have had to fend for themselves, and their finances are in ruins. Then fate strikes. The two little boys have to move with their uncle and aunt. Kid misses his mother more than ever, and wants to be with her again.



Fien Troch is a director, screenwriter and producer. She was born in 1978 and studied as a film director at the Saint Lucas High Institute. After graduating in September 2000, she achieved several nominations and awards. Her first full-length film SOMEONE ELSE'S HAPPINESS has won the Golden Alexander Award, the Award for Best Actress, for Best Screenplay and the Special Mention Award at Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
KID is her third feature film.


Kid: Bent Simons

Billy: Maarten Meeusen

Mother: Gabriele Carizzo

Maria: Rit Ghoos
Misty: Sander van Sweevelt
Uncle: René Jacobs

Director: Fien Troch
Script: Fien Troch
Cinematographie: Frank van den Eeden     
Editor: Nico Leunen
Sound: Paul Maernoudt
Casting: Fien Troch
Producer: Antonino Lombardo
Production Company: Prime Time



Original Title: Kid / 1:1.85 / Colour / Dolby Digital / 90 min / 35mm available / Dutch with English subtitles / Belgium 2012

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