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By Miguel 聲gel Jim幯e
By Miguel 聲gel Jim幯e
By Miguel 聲gel Jim幯e
By Miguel 聲gel Jim幯e
By Miguel 聲gel Jim幯e
By Miguel 聲gel Jim幯e
By Miguel 聲gel Jim幯e
By Miguel 聲gel Jim幯e


By Miguel 聲gel Jim幯ez


Chaika is a love story between a prostitute and a loser sailor, rebuilt between two seasons: the eternal winter of Siberia and the summer in the dusty steppes of Kazakhstan. Young Tursyn comes back home to face what remains of his family: an old nomad about to die and a shipwrecked father. Both of them will bring back the vague memories that Tursyn has of his mother. Chaika is the adventure of joining those memories that life left scattered in the most hidden paramo, almost in the end of the world.



Ahysa: Salome Demuria
Asylbek: Giorgi Gabunia
Tursyn boy: Aytuar Issayev
Tursyn man: Bolatbek Raimkulov
Zora: Zhaksbek Kurmambekov
Hojanias: Bachi Lezhava
Aliya: Ciala Gurgenidze
Ganibet: Salome Mikhelashvili
Dilnara: Maka Shalikashvili



Director: Miguel Angel Jiménez
Sriptwriters: Luis Moya y Miguel Angel Jiménez
Director assistants: Bruno Velasco, Giorgi Todria
Executive producers: Koldo Zuazúa, Luis de Oza
Associated producers: Javier Alén.
Executive producer France: Xenia Maingot
Delegate producer ETB: Elena Gozalo
Coproducers: Zurab Magalashvili, Rustam Ibrahimbekov
Producers: Miguel Angel Jiménez, Imanol Gómez de Segura, Gorka Gómez Andreu, Luis Moya
Line producer: Guadalupe Balaguer.
Director of photography: Gorka Gómez Andreu
Editing and Color correction: Imanol Gómez De Segura
Sound: Aitor Acosta
Music: Pascal Gaigne
Sound editing: Benoit Gargonne
Mixes: Nicolas Dhalluin


Original Title: Chaika / 2,35:1(Scope)/ RED 4K/ Colour / 100 min/ DCP 2K available / Russian with English subtitles / Spain/Georgia/Russia/France 2012



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